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Maximizing Profits with Gift Cards

In the competitive world of retail, how can small business retailers stay ahead of the game? It’s quite simple, staying ahead requires offering products that not only meet customer needs but also drive foot traffic and boost sales. One popular option to increase revenue is by offering a diverse range of gift cards and financial cards that can significantly impact your bottom line. Let's explore how incorporating a gift card program into your store, whether a convenience store, grocery store, or pharmacy can maximize your store revenue.

Gift Cards: A Proven Foot Traffic Booster

Selling gift cards has long been a successful strategy for increasing foot traffic and enhancing customer loyalty. Now Prepay provides a comprehensive selection of gift cards spanning various categories such as gaming, restaurants, entertainment, clothing, specialty retail stores, and more. By offering a variety of gift cards, your store becomes a one-stop destination for all your customers' needs, making it easy for them to choose your store over competitors that do not offer this category.

Whether it's a gift card for Apple, Amazon, Playstation, LCBO, or the Keg, Now Prepay ensures its network of retail locations have access to popular gift card brands. This not only attracts new customers but also encourages existing ones to return time and time again, increasing sales opportunities. 

Prepaid VISA and Mastercard: Convenience at Your Customers' Fingertips

These cards are amongst the most popular purchased cards across our retail network. Why are they so popular? They make the perfect gift -- many customers don’t know what to get for their friends, family, or co-workers, these cards are a perfect solution for taking out the guesswork for gifting. The prepaid VISA and Mastercard are redeemable at millions of retailers nationwide, making them an ideal gift for any occasion. 

The prepaid VISA and Mastercard have been Now Prepay’s top sellers year over year, making it an ideal addition to every retailer's bottom line. Ensure that your store remains the preferred choice by incorporating these essential prepaid cards into your product lineup.

General Reloadable Prepaid Cards: The Repeat Customer Magnet

For consumers without access to traditional credit cards or those preferring the security of reloadable prepaid cards, the PayPower Mastercard is the perfect solution. Customers with this card can reload their cards in person with cash or debit at participating retail locations across Canada.

Reloadable prepaid cards not only bring repeat customers to your store but also feature a quick and straightforward reload process, ensuring a seamless transaction for both retailers and customers. By offering these popular payment solutions, you open the doors to creating a band of loyal customers.

Now Prepay provides retail solutions with a winning formula for maximizing revenue through a diverse range of gift cards and financial cards. We also offer custom card planograms to fit the needs of every retailer. By partnering with Now Prepay, your store can offer customers unparalleled convenience, and drive foot traffic, while increasing your sales to help your business grow. Contact Now Prepay today to transform your retail store, earn more money, and stay ahead of your competitors.

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