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Gift Cards and Financial Cards

Offer the Cards Your Customer Want

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The Perfect Gift Visa card
Apple Store Gift Card
Tim Hortons Gift Card
The Perfect Gift Mastercard
Amazon Gift Card
Xbox Gift Card
Playstation Store Gift Card
The Ultimate Dining Gift Card
McDonalds Gift Card

Gift Cards

Selling gift cards is a proven method to increase foot traffic into your store which means more sales opportunities for you and ultimately more money for your business.

Offering a variety of gift cards in your store supports your customers growing and changing desires.

A gift card program may include popular categories like:

  • Gaming
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment
  • Clothing
  • Specialty retail stores
  • And more!

Gift cards are a convenient way to make your store a destination. Your customers are looking for a one-stop shop for all their needs. Make it easy for them to make your store their preferred choice.

Prepaid VISA and Mastercard

Are you offering your customers the most convenient prepaid payment option out there? The better question is, why wouldn’t you?

If you’re not offering your customers the ability to buy VISA® and Mastercard® prepaid cards at your store, your customers will go to a competitor to purchase these products. That means that you’re at risk of losing prospective customers to another store.

Prepaid VISA and Mastercard prepaid cards are redeemable at millions of retailers nationwide and are an ideal gift for any occasion making them a very popular purchase choice of your customers.

Valid anywhere, prepaid VISA and Mastercards are the anchor of any successful prepaid card program. Make sure that you’re offering this vital product at your store by contacting us today.

General Reloadable Prepaid Cards

For consumers that may not have access to traditional credit cards or for those that prefer the security of reloadable prepaid cards such as the PayPower Mastercard, Now Prepay enables in-person cash or debit purchase and reload functionality at select retail locations across Canada. These reloadable products bring repeat customers to stores and the simple reload process makes it a quick transaction for retailers.

These popular payment solutions that will increase your revenue and grow your business by introducing new and repeat customers through simple, quick to complete transactions.


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