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Alternative Payments

Bridge The Gap Between Ecommerce And Your Physical Store

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What are Alternative Payments?

There are many ways to pay and play online without the use of a credit card. By offering Alternative Payment Products in your store, retailers have the ability to empower consumers to shop online without the worry of security or managing credit card debt. Bridging the gap between brick and mortar and ecommerce, Alternative Payment Products bring customers to your store who want to be active online but pay with cash or debit.

Through our unique technology and diverse partnerships, giving your customers access to a variety of different payment options is easy. You’ll see the benefit of increased, repeat foot traffic as well as a commission on every transaction.

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Our Alternative Payment Solutions include:


Paysafecash is a "Stage And Pay" solution that allows consumers to make cash-based payments simply and securely online. Customers can purchase a product or service online and then pay for it at your store using cash or debit. How it works: by using Paysafecash as the method of payment online, a QR code specific to the purchase transaction is created. Your customer then brings that code to your store where their QR code is scanned and you collect payment. The ecommerce retailer is then notified in real-time that the transaction has been paid for and the product/service can be delivered.

Wallet Loading

Digital wallets are growing in popularity with customers. Through the use of a QR Code or Barcode, your customers can add funds to their mobile wallet or account conveniently at your store. Once their account is loaded, customers can use that money to shop online and pay their bills. Tap into this growing customer base by offering these services in your store.

Drive foot traffic to your store

Drive foot traffic to your store with these alternative payment solutions that will increase your revenue and grow your business.


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