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Unlock Holiday Cheer: Now Prepay's Ultimate Guide for Retailers

'Tis the season to be jolly as everyone is embracing the festive spirit. Retailers everywhere are gearing up for one of the busiest and most rewarding times of the year – the holiday season. Providing gift cards to your customers means that you will be gifting yourself increased revenue. Amid the hustle and bustle, customers will often leave gift buying to the last moment, and gift cards offer retailers a key opportunity to maximize holiday revenue, as they are the most frequent gift given over the holidays*.

Why are Gift Cards a Popular Choice for Gift Giving During the Holidays?

  1. A Stress-Free Shopping Experience

    Let's face it – holiday shopping can be stressful. Customers frequently find themselves navigating bustling malls with lengthy lines trying to complete their shopping lists. It's no surprise that the holiday season ranks among the most stressful times of the year*. Gift cards provide a welcome escape from the chaos for many shoppers as they offer a swift and stress-free solution. As a retailer, you're not just selling a product when you stock your store with gift cards; you're offering your customers peace of mind knowing they can get that last-minute gift right around the corner. And with our automatic restocking of gift cards, you’ll have peace of mind throughout the year knowing that you will never miss a sale. 

  2. The Gift of Choice: Catering to Every Taste

    In a world where personal tastes vary widely, a gift card becomes the perfect solution. At Now Prepay we offer a range of popular gift card options from Amazon and Apple to Playstation, Xbox, Tim Hortons, and much much more! By offering these cards, your store becomes a one-stop shop for the diverse interests of your community, earning you a commission on every transaction.

  3. Being There for Last-Minute Shoppers

    We've all been there – the last-minute dash to find a gift. When the clock is ticking, a gift card is the perfect way for customers to show they care without the worry of choosing the wrong gift. In fact, 79% of shoppers procrastinate on their holiday shopping, leaving their shopping two weeks before Christmas, with 44% of shoppers purchasing gift cards**. Adding a gift card program to your store ahead of the holiday season, turns your store into the destination for procrastinators, increasing foot traffic and sales in the final holiday rush.

It’s not too late to get your store ready for holiday shoppers by adding gift cards to your inventory. At Now Prepay, we're not just embracing the holiday spirit – we're delivering it to retailers across Canada with our prepaid gift card program! Our program is the perfect gift for retailers offering a seamless way to boost revenue and attract customers to your stores all year round.  Contact Now Prepay today and get your store ready for the holidays or visit our website to learn more about our prepaid product offering.



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